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About Me

There is not really much to say about me.

I am an Italian guy (Brescia is my city) with a passion for corporate finance and valuation. Currently, I work as a welder in a little factory near my hometown.

Maybe you have missed something from the sentence above, so let me repeat it: I am a welder! And I am not kidding (I can send you a photo of me at work if you wish). This is the main reason why you should never trust me. In fact, when you rest your actions on my valuations you should be able to hear a whisper saying: “remember, I am a welder”.

It is true that I have a master’s degree in finance but you shouldn’t feel relieved. That piece of paper hung crookedly in the place where it deserves to be the most: the bathroom.

Indeed, I strongly believe in what my favorite teacher says:

“If you can add, subtract, multiply and divide you can do valuations”

Aswath Damodaran – Valuation and corporate finance Professor at NYU

Therefore, my suggestion is to take Damodaran’s online classes and start doing your own valuations.

After all you should trust nobody but yourself.

Definitely you cannot count on me; do you hear that whisper? “Remember, I am a welder!”